Aquatic Features, Inc.

Water Features

Water Features

Aquatic Features, Inc. provides water feature installation and maintenance packages for commercial and residential clients. Features include water fountains, waterfalls, lake and pond fountains, and water gardens. Repair and retrofitting services also available.


Aquatic Features, Inc. has over 15 years of experience installing water features ranging from small fountains to extravagant waterfalls and water gardens. Our in-house architects can design any feature to be the center piece of your home or business landscape. Let us create a unique design from your vision and bring a piece of art to life.

  Maintenance & Repair

Aquatic Features, Inc. provides maintenance and repair packages for a wide variety of water features. Our technicians go through exhaustive checks to make sure that your water feature will run properly with minimal required maintenance for years to come.


Have an older fountain that needs to be upgraded? Aquatic Features, Inc. specializes in retrofitting older fountains to better comply with newer equipment. This allows your water feature to run optimally for years to come without the hassle of constant repairs.