Aquatic Features, Inc

Pond Maintenance


Lake Management

Whether you have a stock tank, a community lake, retention or detention pond, let us assess the needs of your water resource. Aquatic Features, Inc. specializes in Lake Management services for HOA’s and MUD districts across Central Texas, including aquatic plant management and water quality treatment.

Lake Maintenance Plans

•Aquatic Plant Management

 As a licensed chemical applicator, Aquatic Features Inc. maintains surplus vegetation growth for lakes and ponds across Central Texas, following the TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) guidelines for proper distribution, record keeping, and management of chemical applications.


• Water Quality Management

Please call us at 512-386-5900 to discuss our water quality management program.


• Fountain and Lake Bed Aeration System Installation & Monitoring

Aquatic Features Inc. provides fountain and aeration system installation and monitoring for proper water circulation, resulting in a healthier and more environmentally sound water entity.


• Trash and Debris Pick up

Along with servicing your lake or pond for vegetation control, Aquatic Features Inc. picks up unsightly trash and debris, creating a clean and healthy appearance for your community.

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