Lake Management

Whether you own a lake, stock tank, detention or retention pond, let Aquatic Features, Inc. assess the needs of your body of water and design a customized care plan for you. We specialize in lake management services including aquatic vegetation control and water quality monitoring for HOA’s, MUD districts, and residential clients across Central Texas.

  Aquatic Vegetation Control

Our technicians at Aquatic Features, Inc. are licensed chemical applicators and will use their experience and training to help control excessive vegetation growth for your lake or pond. We follow TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) guidelines for proper distribution, record keeping, and management of chemical applications to ensure the safety of both human and aquatic life when treating your body of water.

  Detention & Retention Ponds

Detention and retention ponds must function properly to ensure that our waterways stay clean and healthy. We will ensure that your ponds comply with City of Austin regulations, as well as other local, state, and federal agencies. Services available include, but are not limited to, sediment removal, pump and re-irrigation system maintenance, and complete pond rebuilds.

  Fountains and Aeration Systems

Proper water circulation and oxygenation is crucial to maintaining a healthy aquatic habitat. Bodies of water without proper circulation are more susceptible to issues such as fish die off and algal blooms. Let Aquatic Features, Inc. provide fountain and aeration system installation, maintenance, and monitoring for your lake or pond.

  Trash and Debris Removal

Aquatic Features, Inc. includes trash and debris removal with your lake and pond maintenance services to ensure a safe, clean environment for you and your community to enjoy.



  Water Quality Management

Each body of water is unique and has certain requirements that must be met in order to thrive. By knowing the chemistry of your body of water, we can create a customized water quality management program specific to your lake or pond's needs to keep it happy and healthy.


Aquatic Features, Inc.

Lake Management