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Lake Fountains & Aeration Systems

Lakes need circulation to promote a healthy aquatic habitat. Lakes without circulation are prone to massive algae blooms and fish losses. Lake fountains and aerators accomplish this objective biologically and aesthetically.


We are proud distributors of these fine lake fountains and aerators:


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Submerged Lake Bed Aeration


Lake Bed Aeration is the introduction of compressed air to a water body. When released at the bottom of a pond or lake, compressed air naturally begins to migrate towards the surface of the water. As air travels up the water column the pressure surrounding the bubbles slowly decreases causing the bubbles to increase in size—a slight current begins to develop. The current draws oxygen-depleted water from the bottom of a water body, oxygenates it, and transports it to the surface. This action protects fish, aquatic organisms and beneficial bacteria from suffocation by breaking down stratified water while increasing dissolved oxygen levels.


Oxygen is the most important constituent of water body health. Oxygen is an essential element for all aquatic organisms that breathe. Therefore, there is a direct relationship between the oxygen concentrations and exchanges occurring in a water body and the physiological status of aquatic organisms. Without oxygen at the bottom of the water body, anaerobic bacteria (those that live without oxygen) produce acids. These acids not only increase acidity, but also cause a massive release of phosphorus and nitrogen (two major fertilizers) from the organic sediment into the water column, thus resulting in unsightly algae. These same anaerobic bacteria put toxic gases in the water, including hydrogen sulfide (that rotten egg smell), ammonia, carbon dioxide and methane. Lack of oxygen at the bottom of a water body is the cause of odors produced by anaerobic bacteria. These gases are all toxic to fish, beneficial bacteria and insects.

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