Aquatic Features, Inc

Pond Maintenance


Detention & Retention Ponds

• Pond Compliance

We work to ensure that your pond gets into compliance and stays in compliance with the City of Austin, as well as other local, state, and federal agencies. Detention and retention ponds must function properly to insure that our creeks and waterways stay healthy and clean.


• Sediment Removal

Sediment buildup on a detention pond sand or filter bed decreases or eliminates the ponds ability to function properly. Run off sediment must be removed and disposed of properly to ensure compliance as well as a healthy environment for tomorrow.


• Re-irrigation System Maintenance

These systems must be maintained to ensure that water is not being indiscriminately wasted or improperly utilized. A properly maintained re-irrigation system effectively disperses reclaimed water where it is needed most.


• Pump System Maintenance

Large pump systems can incur huge monetary losses when not properly maintained and monitored. Regular maintenance of such systems is necessary to promote proper function and longevity.


• Filter Bed and Pipe Rebuild

We can rebuild and maintain your detention pond to its original, ‘as built’ condition. If a detention pond is not filtering runoff water as intended it can receive citations from the city for being out of compliance as well as become a vector for mosquito infestation and disease


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